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Talk Light Inc. designs and manufactures traffic lights that are fully automated. Each Light uses computer circuits
to monitor noise levels, control speaker presentations, and monitor / control customers specialized product applications.

Noise levels can be a problem, time management issues can get everyone off track, volume production can be a costly
company expense; your answer is as simple as Red – Yellow – Green. Talk Light is an automated traffic light
that can monitor noise, manage time, control production, and much more. Inside the traffic light, a dual microprocessor
is programmed to meet your specific requirements. Through Talk Light’s unique sensory management system, it can be used
in several different applications.

Noise Management
Noise makers have met their match! The Talk Light noise management system can be used in conference rooms, auditoriums,
cafeterias, classrooms, hospitals and any other noise sensitive environments. The microphone installed in the traffic light
is adjustable to monitor noise levels as low as a quiet library and as loud as a jet airplane.

Time Management
Father Time could not have designed a better system than Talk Light Time Manager. A management system used during timed
presentations, debates, gaming events, circuit training or any event that has time sensitive requirements.

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